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Welcome to Sign Badgers! Like most good stories ours begins in a basement, but not exactly as you would expect a sign business to start; making dog collars. Sign Badgers co-founder, Justin Nelson partnered with Clint Howitz and the team at and agreed to be their fulfillment center for nylon and waterproof colors. About 3 months into dog collar production Justin hired future business partner and Sign Badger co-founder, Eric Roethel. For our first year and a half in business we spent the majority of our days making collars while networking and building relationships for our future sign business.

in 2015 Justin and Eric developed Shirts From Fargo, which specialized in custom corporate apparel along with a line of Fargo based apparel. They also created Signs 4 Work an ecommerce business which specialized in interior signage for businesses across the continental US. By 2016 they had expanded their product offerings to the Red River Valley which has grown the business to what it is today.

In 2019 we added our third business partner, James Botnen. The three partners decided in order to continue to grow our local and eCommerce businesses, it was best to separate the two divisions with a local re-brand. Under the new name "Sign Badgers" we will continue all the same local services originally provided to the community under the name Signs 4 Work., will still serve the continental US with interior door, wall, ADA compliant and wayfinding signage.

We are also growing, which specializes in high end event badges and which specializes in double sided farmhouse style signs.

Now with a team of more than ten, we pride ourselves in problem solving, creativity, service and most importantly the ability to come through when our customers need it most.

Sign Badgers

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